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Partnership and engagement

We believe that everybody who needs access to our wheelchair service should know how to access it when they need it.

Our strategy is to ensure that we embed best practice into all our engagement activities.  Our service users, carers, personal assistants, partners, the voluntary sector, stakeholders and the community are actively involved in the way the service is continually developed.

Our partnership and engagement team works to ensure that our users are at the centre of decision making about our services.  We use a variety of methods to proactively collect feedback, such as service user forums and surveys, and take on board the great ideas we receive to continuously improve the services we offer.

We actively seek out individuals, groups and organisations to explore key issues in more depth.  This provides an opportunity to work collaboratively to co-design solutions for the benefit of all.

Our guiding principles are to

  • have ongoing, meaningful conversations that support collaborative solutions
  • incorporate co-production and co-design into everyday working
  • ensure that people feel confident that their voices are heard by our board, and that strategies, plans and policies are developed around them using the principal of ‘Nothing about us without us’
  • have systems in place to ensure representation of the broadest section of the community that we serve


Co-production is allowing individuals who have lived experience as wheelchairs users, to work with staff and commissioners to improve the services.

The team is involved in planning, design, delivery and audit.  This process has been shown to benefit the well-being of all contributors and have a positive impact on the workforce.

We demonstrate the progress of our journey using a measurement tool, similar to the ladder of co-production described by Think Local, Act Personal.

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